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Testosterone boosting Formula - 60 capsules (30 day supply)

Although there are many ways to affect testosterone levels, it is speculated that the best way is to influence the body’s natural response mechanisms for both boosting test levels while simultaneously combatting testosterone lowering enzymes and hormones.  BADDASS TEST was designed to work in both of those ways.  The BADDASS TEST Research blend components are believed to work first by way of inhibiting cortisol conversion through more efficient binding to the key receptor than cortisone, thereby occupying the receptor and mitigating cortisol synthesis.  In addition, BADDASS TEST is designed to produce enzymatic reactions that are believed to both inhibit aromatase from converting testosterone into estradiol and subsequently boosting testosterone levels.  

It is important to note that extra fat lowers natural testosterone production, because fat cells synthesize the enzyme aromatase, which converts testosterone, into estradiol; the primary female sex hormone.   Therefore, when considering ways to boost testosterone, one should also consider ways to reduce estradiol.  As you might expect, resistance training increases testosterone, meaning that feeling better and training hard at the gym leads to helping the body naturally boost testosterone.   But for busy aging males, feeling good enough to get to the gym and train hard is a real life challenge.

BADDASS TEST was designed to increase testosterone levels and assist you with feeling better and getting back in to the gym regularly.  Many aging males have problems associated with low testosterone levels, don’t feel energized to train, and subsequently gain fat more easily than before.  Cortisol is also a culprit involved in this negative cycle of gaining fat and the down regulation of testosterone.  It is well documented that low testosterone levels lead to gains in fat.  Although BADDASS TEST may be taken alone, it is recommended to combine BADDASS TEST with BADDASS Ultimate Male in order to maximize results.