BADDASS Training Fuel

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More than a PRE- Workout

Training Fuel is NOT some high dollar caffeine powder, where the best result is flushing followed by a crash before the workout is done. Baddass TRAINING FUEL delivers the fuel and focus needed for an entire workout. Hey, if you want your "skin to crawl" and "eyes to bug-out" then take something else. TRAINING FUEL is made for those who want to have a BADDASS workout and still be energized with focus to finish a BADDASS session! TRAINING FUEL is designed with micro transport catalysts to deliver the BADDASS focus and energy you require. You are BADDASS... Train like it. 



  • 30 Servings
  • Muscle expansion & ATP Matrix
  • Multi Stage N.O. Volumizing & Vascular Matrix
  • Mental Edge Thermogenic



  • Gives you the ability to modify Pre-Workout dosing based on the FUEL needed for your planned training session.  In short you get to control the Intensity based on your individualized daily needs….Including strength of taste (just add or subtract water to preference)
  • Supports Fat Burning
  • No consuming wasted calories
  • Promotes endurance and sustained energy levels
  • Efficient blend for optimal blood flow, pump and strength levels
  • Formulated to provide great focused workout with no jitters